Faithfulness rewarded

In travel and in our spiritual life, faithfulness has its rewards

Rudy Dubai

As a frequent flier for nearly 20 years, I've learned that the best way to travel is to use the same services from the same companies. I always fly with the same airline, rent cars from the same car rental company, and I either stay in the same chain of hotels or choose a hotel website to always book my lodging with. And I choose the ones who reward me for being a frequent customer. 
That's the word: REWARD! 
And then, I stay faithful to them. 
Well, I guess THAT's the word: FAITHFUL!
As such, my wallet and smartphone is full of “jewelry”! Gold here, silver there... platinum, ruby, even diamond! I wish they were the actual precious materials. I'd be rich! But they are only plastic cards or applications with titles. And they are compound titles with added words like “executive, priority, etc.”. 
As I try to dress as comfortably as possible when I travel, sometimes I feel like jeans and t-shirt is not an appropriate attire for the elegant “titles” I carry.
Some travelers choose to buy special memberships with those companies in order to receive those perks. I've never purchased them. They can be very costly; certainly more than I can afford. 
Instead, I maintain my status by being an “always returning customer," if you will. 
But let me tell you: those "laurels" make a huge difference in the travel experience. Life on the road is so much easier with them.
In the case of flight disruptions, for example, while everybody else is on their phone listening to ”on hold” music for countless minutes, or anxiously waiting in long lines trying to find other flight options, I get a call on my cell phone with someone from the airline apologizing profusely for the trouble, telling me that my next possible flight is already confirmed, and that I'm all set. 
With car rentals, I never choose expensive cars. I always choose the economy class. But, in most cases, I actually have to refuse to drive what they offer me because it's way too big and luxurious for just one person. They’re not even practical. So, I choose something nice but smaller. And the best part? It’s for the same price of the economy class I had reserved to begin with. They REWARD me just because I'm FAITHFUL. 
On one of my most recent trips, I was on a completely full flight and I did not get upgraded for first class; it happens sometimes. My chance to board first was guaranteed, which in itself is a great advantage. Plus, I had a good seat on Economy. I was okay. No complaints. 
Moments after the flight took off, a flight attendant walked down the aisle, stopped at my row and said to me, "Hello, Mr. Micelli! Thank you for flying with us again today. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate and let us know. We're here to serve you."
Well, needless to say, that caused everyone around to turn and look at me, probably trying to figure out who this person was, and why he got such special treatment by name! As I sheepishly thanked her, I felt a mix of contentment and, honestly, embarrassment. 
That got me thinking about those two words again: faithfulness which results in reward. 
Same thing in our relationship with the Lord, our Father. 
He wants us to come to Him every time, for every need, at every moment. And the "perks" for that, are the best, and they’re unending, and eternal!
And not that we would even come close to a deserving position for that kind of a VIP treatment; the very high price for this kind of membership has already been paid for. We get that "status" as a gift! We are in! We are gold! We are priority! 
"But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession," says 1 Peter 2:9
Talk about VIP membership!
So why do we scatter ourselves all over the place looking for what we need instead of going to the same "Source of Everything"? Why do we "shop around" for what we need, and then wonder why we end up so unsatisfied?All we get out there is the nameless, "who are you?" kind of treatment; the mediocre "you get what you pay for" treatment.
In our Heavenly Father's kingdom, we're known by name and we are truly appreciated. We are jewel!
In Isaiah 43:1 we see that He offers the best kind of membership; the closest kind of relationship; "... I have called you by name. YOU ARE MINE."
I want to be more and more frequent with my Lord and take advantage of this Gift He so happily gives us. Being faithful to Him results in indescribable rewards!
Keep up the faith and God's music in your heart!

Until next time!
Blessings from Rudy Micelli & Team!

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